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Visier People - Find Similar

Visier People is a human resource focus analytic platform that enables organizations to make better people and business decisions. While Visier has launched the current flagship product this year, it is still in the progress of transitioning features that were offered from the legacy platform - Veyron.


Find Similar, one of the transition features, enables users to look for similar employees to the ones being compared within the Visier People’ Compare feature. This gives users a closer team-level view to conduct analysis on hiring and retaining individual employees.


Anthony Remizov, Michelle Ng

Time frame

4 weeks 


UX design, Interaction design 

This feature is one of the end to end workflows that I worked along with my senior designer. My main tasks were to 1) come up with design iterations and final solution 2) receive feedbacks from developers and UX team  3) create documentation such as UX concept deck and knowledge documentation.

Before I started on designing the implementation, I looked into the current existing flow on the legacy platform to better understand the information structure and interaction patterns of the feature. The goal is to not only migrate all the functionalities but to also identify some areas and gaps that can be improved on. 


The area being identified with the most issues is the side panel where all the key microinteractions consist to fulfill user goals:

1) Disabled attributes are being displayed by default, making it unclear on what attributes are being matched

2) No number of matching results - forces user to add unknown amount of people as a group

3) Option to "Add all" matching results individually - not ideal when there are more than 10 matching results


One of the major decisions that had to be made was:

Do we want to treat find similar as a suggested follow-up action after adding comparison, or do we want to treat it as an individual action that can be used across all states.


After talking to multiple stakeholders, we realized filtering by dimensions does not actually provide the best result on similar employees without computer algorithms. A true recommendation (ex: “Recommended for you” on Spotify) requires measuring different layers of attributes. With this technical constraint, we cannot treat this feature as a suggested follow-up action.

Taking into the consideration of fulfilling different scenarios, it is important to provide multiple paths for users to achieve one goal. 1) Add a comparison by using similar applicant 2) Quick suggested action to compare with a similar applicant 3) Secondary action within overflow menu to compare with a similar applicant


The key actions that are needed on this panel are: 1) Display numbers of similar results 2) Call to action to add similars on grid - Add all or individual 3) The ability to edit attributes to filter results. The challenge for this design was to make information easy to digest by using the right words to describe the actions

Findsimilar pannel.png

One of my tasks was to learn how to write a proper feature documentation to provide clarity on explaining the feature lifecycle. This process requires me to have a clear understanding of how this feature works from the development and maintenance perspectives. The challenge was to be able to describe the feature using precise and technical language that all levels of stakeholders can understand.  PDF

If interested, here is a quick article on my self reflection working as an intern at Visier. :)

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