Journey is as valuable as destination


Gabriel Yeung, Grant Zou, Sarah Tong, Joshua Fan


Ideation, Prototype,

UX + UI Design

Time frame

Four weeks


Maslow's Hierarchy

Maslow’s hierarchy helped us identify customer frustrations from a new perspective, recognizing that if customers weren’t able to satisfy their basic needs, they would never move to higher level goals.



Transformational metaphor

Our sprint week brought forth the transformational metaphor of “seeing through a window”, manifesting in our website’s figurative windows, using full-width media panels to captivate audiences with moments words alone can’t express.



Journey is as valuable as destination

The mapping of the ingrained physical interaction of scrolling to digital navigation matched our intent of a guided journey, allowing consumers to peruse content at their own pace, frame-by-frame, appealing to each level of value.


Consumers enter our solution through the navigation on VIA Rail’s main website. Then, an optional video of the onboard experience would lead to an overview of the 6 routes VIA Rail offers, presenting an immediate value proposition.


We give an option to skip video at the beginning, considering that the revisiting users may want to land straight on the website.


We present the 6 routes offers by listing them as side navigation, so users can clearly pick their options. Once they choose their routes, user can look into details by clicking the explore button.


Moving into a specific route from the homepage, consumers are presented with specific scenes from that journey. Each scene is revealed through the customer’s every scroll, breaking down the physical journey into a series of digital interactions.


This creates layers of information, reducing cognitive overhead and affording customers the ability to understand the journey at their own pace.


The intended effect this has on VIA Rail’s perceived value is that the presented landscapes and cities become a tangible value; a promise of what customers will receive, with stories and images to reinforce that journey is the key value of the trip.

Social Media

For each stop along the journey, consumers may notice a subtle pull-out indicator on the right side of the page. Selecting this triggers a playful animation, sliding out a curated series of Instagram photos posted at that stop.


These posts provide credibility to VIA Rail; showing that other passengers have bought into VIA Rail’s journey-based experience. Using geo-hashtags to chunk this content further reduces cognitive effort, and highlights the intangible value promised, to show potential passengers what they might do on this journey.

Class Offering

Scrolling down, the site front-loads our three class options. Hovering over each reveals an immediate tangible value, and clicking explore triggers more information to fill the frame, consistent with the thematic use of the long scroll


We recognize that we can’t design one set of higher values to appeal to all customers, and we leveraged their price points and distinct classes allow us to better target different types of customers. Instead of trying to appeal to the cost-conscious consumer with the premium offerings, we guide customers down their corresponding classes, tailoring the activities and accommodations that best fulfills their intangible and aspirational needs.  


Finally, after exploring the breadth of information available for the selected route, we wanted to propose the next steps: options for the consumer to book a journey or explore other routes. The intention of this is to provide both a hard and soft commitment; consumers can choose to make the purchasing decision, or continue exploring.