Trusting in self-driving cars

An application, Toyota Guardian, that looks out for drivers throughout their ownership experience and builds a transparent and trusting relationship with Toyota’s technology today.


Gabriel Yeung, Grant Zou, Sarah Tong, Joshua Fan


Ideation, Prototype,

UX + UI Design

Time frame

Four weeks + Refinement


Toyota Guardian recognizes repeat behavior of the driver by the benefits of automation and predictive artificial intelligence, where it will suggest to automate certain aspects of the vehicle through notification. Users can then create their routines, such as preloading navigation and warming up the car onto the car’s onboard infotainment system. This helps minimizing the user’s memory load through recognition rather than recall. 

Post Drive 

After the user arrived to the destination, Toyota Guardian provides a drivers’ log of events, showing trip details such as destination and fuel consumption. In highlights, any notable events that trigger Toyota’s safety sensors is featured, with an incident report being generated as well as dashcam footage provided. This way, the user can fully understand the moment when the vehicle is making intelligence decision for them. 

User can also access to their driving history from previous trips and the option to save the report, as well as rewatching the highlights in the dashcam footages.