Dining for procrastinaters 

A mobile application that takes the planning out of last minute food planning with your friends,

allowing you to get right to what matters, eating.




4 weeks

Wireframes  |  Ui Design  |  UX Design

anita chen, Stuart lord, kam neuenfeldt, max sergeyenko


According to The Atlantic, the amount of time Americans spend waiting in line each year is roughly 37 billion hours. According to CGA Peach and Zonal Retail Data Systems where they surveyed 5000 adults, nearly half 47% of all consumers said slow service is their biggest frustration.


Although some people may be willing to wait in line for the popular and trendy restaurants, there are also some people who hate waiting and gets frustrated waiting for tables. The frustration can be seen especially for people who made plans last minute without deciding where to eat beforehand and not expecting a lineup. Frustration can also be seen in large groups where it could be difficult for everyone to agree on one place since everyone has different preferences. This may lead to large groups making decisions on the very last minute where they do not have time to reserve seats beforehand. Moreover, some restaurants do not offer reservation service, which could be even more difficult to choose a restaurant that offers tables for large groups.



Procrastinate is a mobile application that takes the planning out of last minute food planning, allowing you to get right to what matters, eating. The app is tailored for those who wants to eat or drink out but don't want to wait in line. By displaying real time information of the busyness level of each restaurant, users can know beforehand where to go to avoid the lineups. Restaurant suggestions are tailored to the user’s preferences and you can create a poll with your friends to decide where to eat. This feature allows you to contribute to a customizable and shareable poll, which your friends can access and vote on to help you democratically decide where your next food adventure will take place.


Design Process

 We break down the problem by first building a journey framework to understand where the problem specifically lies. Based on the research and interviews that we did, we realize some people think waiting in line with friends is part of dining experience. As a result, instead of solving the problems of long waiting time, we want to help people who make plans with their friend last minute to decide where they can eat during the busy hour. We then came across another issue that we often see where big group of friends tend to be more difficult to decide where to eat. We saw an opportunity in designing an application that allows friends to pick multiple nearby restaurants and create a poll to vote where to eat.

Target Auidence

We are focusing on the age group of early 20s to 30s, where they enjoy getting a casual drink and dining out with friends after school or work. These people often make plans with their friends last minute when there are already lines forming in downtown. They are interested in exploring different kinds of food, and are willing to spend the money to try something new but hate waiting in lines and finding parking. The group of people may also be constrained with time as they may have other night events planned and so not have the time to wait in line for food.