Love Caravan is a cross Canada volunteer service that provides support, care and warmth to seniors. It strives for multiculturalism and encourages youth to connect with elders by performing traditional arts and events.


Christine Zhong


Research studies | Ideation | Graphic design

Ethnography Study

The data collection method that we used were on-site visiting, contributing, observing, note taking, and informal interview at the event. By performing this study, we have a better understanding on how the participants interact with the seniors and the rundown of the event. Based on the data we have collected, we keep our design focus general, yet specific enough to ideate around it. 

Cultural Probes

To further understand our participants, we created three sets of cultural probes that specifically answer to our design focus. We design four unique tasks for them to fill out and they are meant to get the participants to think differently. The first probe was to get the participants to fill out their first reaction to the photos of elders. examine the observation skills 



These probes help us to understand the smaller details that we could not receive from the ethnography study, such as their perspectives and personal thoughts.