🦙 Experience designer

📍 Vancouver, B.C

☕️ Two coffees a day 

🏦  Currently working at a bank

Application Management
Redesign the experience bank agents manage financial products application. 
Coming soon...
Branch Visit
Exploratory research on how ATB branch operates and delivers services to our customers.
Coming soon...
ATB Financial
Digital origination & Admin console

Improve digital financial products origination to provide better self service experience to customers.

UX | Web & Mobile UI

My Internship Experience 
Moving from a startup to a bigger company

Previously interned at Visier as a user experience designer for 8 months - Discovered how UX is applied within the People Analytics domain.

Self reflection | Medium Article 

Visier Solution Inc.
Analytics and workforce intelligence solutions

Rethinking navigation and modifier within the Visier Explore experience, Happy to share in person.

UX | Interaction

Understanding the needs in the Sales department - A platform to present our work to allow clients to better understand the product we offer. 

Research | UI